14 April – 23 June 2015, Encounters Between Art and Science

Studium Generale: Encounters Between Art and Science

‘How does our society benefit from this?’ is a question that artists and scientists are often confronted with these days. In the course of centuries, artists and scientists have been gaining an ever-growing position of autonomy, yet we seem to have arrived at a turning point. Scientists are now expected to focus their attention on matters relevant to our modern society and artists are expected to show in what way their works of art matter to society and its current challenges. Another striking development is that the arts and sciences are more often seeking ways in which to collaborate.

The purpose of these encounters is that prominent artists and scientists enter into a dialogue with each other, discussing questions such as ‘what is the relation between art and science?’, ‘what is their relevance to society?’, ‘what drives artists and scientists to do their work and what is the role of creativity?’, ‘what is the importance of room for failure?’, ‘what is the value of fundamental research and autonomous art?’ and ‘what is the current situation regarding artistic freedom and freedom in science?’.

These and other questions guide this series of meetings, in which we reflect on the societal role of both worlds and on their mutual relationship. Led by Andrea van Pol six discussions will take place between renowned artists and scientists.

Tuesday 04 April: Hans Clevers meets Ramsey Nasr,
Tuesday 28 April: Maarten Jansen meets Hans van Houwelingen,
Tuesday 12 May: Frans-Willem Korsten meets Barbara Visser,
Tuesday 26 May: Carel Stolker meets Johan Simons,
Tuesday 09 June: Marileen Dogterom meets Francine Houben,
Tuesday 23 June: Bas Haring meets Colin Benders (Kyteman).

Paard van Troje, Prinsegracht 12, Den Haag
more information: www.studiumgenerale.leidenuniv.nl

This programme is a collaboration between Studium Generale Leiden University, University of the Arts (Lectorate Art Theory & Practice), Academy of Creative and Performing Arts of Leiden University, West The Hague and Paard van Troje. This activity is also part of the program of the 88th lustrum of Leiden University.