Save the Date: Making Matters Symposium

9+10 May 2019
Making Matters
Bridging Art, Design and Technology through Critical Making

We are excited to announce the two-day symposium Making Matters, organised by the Critical Making consortium. The symposium takes place from 9-10th of May at West Den Haag, Lange Voorhout 102 in The Hague.

With the NWO funded research project ‘Bridging Art, Design and Technology through Critical Making’, the consortium investigates how the concept of Critical Making can be developed further within the context of artistic research and (post)critical theory.

The symposium offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, proposing to widen matters of making from maker culture to a wider set of creative practices that problematise the narrow focus on solutions in contemporary techno-creative industries.

Confirmed speakers include:

Ramon Amaro
Liesbeth Bik
ginger coons
Florian Cramer
Jeremiah Day
Jaromil, Dyne
Baruch Gottlieb
Anja Groten
Pia Louwerens
Shailoh Phillips
Dani Ploeger
Femke Snelting
Janneke Wesseling


PhDArts / ACPA
Creating 010
Waag Society
West Den Haag
Het Nieuwe Instituut


PhDArts conference, 18/19 October 2018

Celebrating 10 years PhDArts
How do we establish, sustain and nourish a vital research culture in the arts?

To mark the ten-year anniversary of PhDArts, the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) and the University of the Arts The Hague organize a two-day conference. The conference committee is chaired by Janneke Wesseling (director PhDArts).

Over the past 20 years, artistic research has steadily gained ground as a new research discipline in The Netherlands. PhD programs in artistic research have been established or are being developed, in a collaborative effort between universities and art schools. With this conference, PhDArts aims to address ways to consolidate, sustain and nourish a research culture in the arts on a national level. The conference will comprise artistic presentations by researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines enrolled at 3rd level educational institutions across the country, as well as two keynote lectures on the topic of the conference, break-out groups and artistic presentations by ACPA PhD candidates and alumni.

The aim is to gather experiences and insights from all parties involved in the field, to foster interdisciplinary collaborations between universities and art institutions nation-wide and to build a community that stimulates collaborations between colleague institutions and their different initiatives.

For more information visit the conference event page or see the programme book, with an introduction by Janneke Wesseling.


Conference presentation Basel, 17 May 2018

Janneke Wesseling will give a presentation at the conference Critical By Design? The Potentials and Limitations of Materialized Critique, on 17-18 May 2018 at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel, Switzerland. This two-day international research conference on the capacity of design as a mode of critique offers a unique platform for the interdisciplinary discussion of critical theories and practices from a design perspective. Renowned experts from design theory, history and practice, the philosophy of technology, the art, cultural and media studies as well as the field of human-computer interaction come together to reconsider historical trajectories, advance contemporary understandings and propose future developments of design as a materialized form of critique.

In her lecture 'The device paradigm: contemporary practices in art and design', Wesseling will focus on the concept of 'device paradigm' as developed by the American philosopher Alfred Borgmann in his Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life. A Philosophical Inquiry (1984). The device paradigm locates the crucial force that more and more detaches us from the persons, things, and practices that used to engage and grace us in their own right. The more, or the more effectively, the device yields its commodities, the less visible, or present as a thing it is. This necessarily leads to a loss of engagement with the world, while at the same time the commodities become evermore shallow. What does the device paradigm mean for contemporary art and design practices? And vice versa, what can be the role of art and design in this technology driven world?


Conference presentation Bilbao, 11 January 2018

On Thursday 11 January 2018 Janneke Wesseling will give a key lecture at the Subjectivity in practice-based artistic research conference at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain. The conference is organised as part of a larger programme ''laSIA - sujeto, investigación, arte'' (subject, research, art) subsidised by the University of the Basque Country. The goal of this project is to explore the research dimension of artistic practice. See the project website for more information.

In her conference presentation ''Artists and Academia'', Wesseling focuses on the the position of artists in academia, which is by no means self-evident. How do artists do research and why would it be called research? How does their research relate to academia? Wesseling will discuss dilemmas and outcomes of artistic research by means of two completed PhD trajectories in artistic research, of artists Lilo Nein and Ruchama Noorda. Other key speakers are Mika Elo, professor in Artistic Research at the University of Arts of Helsinki, and Mafe Moscoso, interdisciplinary reseacher and artist.


Kickoff Critical Making research project

The newly launched NWO funded research project ‘Bridging art, design and technology through Critical Making’ aims to interrogate Critical Making by experimentally applying it to a broad range of artistic practices. The project will investigate to what extent Critical Making can serve as a comprehensive concept for design, technology, education and activism intersecting with critical contemporary art practices and artistic research. The consortium received a half million euros grant for the project from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) as part of the research programme Smart Culture – Art and Culture.

About the consortium
In this project, main applicant Prof. Dr. Janneke Wesseling (Leiden University) and co-applicant Dr. Florian Cramer (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) have joined forces with Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (researcher and programme developer Digital Culture at Het Nieuwe Instituut), Lucas Evers (leading Waag Society’s Open Wetlab and Open Design Lab) and Marie-José Sondeijker (director of West Den Haag). In addition, designer, researcher and Hackers & Designers co-founder Anja Groten and media artist, researcher and educator Shailoh Phillips have recently joined the team as PhD candidate and junior researcher respectively. Candidates for two other positions will be recruited in early 2018.

The consortium will organize a series of Critical Making workshops with art and design students and teachers in several Dutch art schools, including Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. Furthermore, various public presentations, a national and an international symposium will be organized. At the end of the project, the project outcomes will be disseminated through a peer-reviewed, open access, hybrid paper and electronic book. If you would like to stay informed about these developments and the programme, please send an email to info@phdarts.eu or visit the project website at www.criticalmaking.nl.


Wat nu, Koetsier? symposium presentation, 4 November 2017

On Saturday 4 November 2017 Janneke Wesseling will give a presentation in the context of a two-day public programme in honour of the Dutch conceptual artist Hans Koetsier.

In the spirit of Koetsier, 45 graphic designers and artists were invited to design their own ‘advertisement’, to induce a contemporary work or statement that manifests the force of communication.

After being published in Het Parool and on watnukoetsier.nl, the series will now be presented during the Wat nu, Koetsier? exhibition, symposium, and publication launch, on 4-5 November 2017, 12h00-18h00, on De Ruijterkade 127, Amsterdam

The exhibition will be in constant transformation, adapting to the presentations of Erik Kessels, Janneke Wesseling, Maria Barnas, Delphine Bedel, and Jouke Kleerebezem, who all made a personal selection from the series, and wrote about the project for the special broadsheet publication.

Saturday 4 November
12h00 opening
14h00 introduction to Wat nu, Koetsier?
15h00 Erik Kessels
16h00 Janneke Wesseling
18h00 closing

Sunday 5 November
12h00 opening
14h00 Maria Barnas
15h00 Delphine Bedel
16h00 Jouke Kleerebezem
18h00 closing

For more information, please visit watnukoetsier.nl.
All presentations will be recorded for future viewing online.


Lecture Studium Generale TU/e, 12 October 2017

On Thursday 12 October 2017 Janneke Wesseling will give a lecture as part of the Studium Generale Programme at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

Lecture State of the ART
Thursday 12 October 2017
12h40 – 13h35
Eindhoven University of Technology
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium

Like science, art can be a high-quality form of research. Similar to the scientific process, the artistic process sometimes is a struggle that leads to surprising and unexpected results, providing new insights into the world we live in. Contemporary society wrongly expects art to provide solutions to societal issues and to be economically profitable. This is a trend that closely resembles the contemporary societal attitude towards science. In her lecture State of the ART, Wesseling will argue that art can only flourish when it is free from demands of profit and of concrete results or solutions.

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