Culture 3.0: Prosuming the Art Academy, 27 March 2015

Culture 3.0: Prosuming the Art Academy, a seminar organized by the research group of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice at the University of the Arts The Hague.
27 March 2015, 10:00 - 18:00 h

On this day we will look at the impact of digital culture on ‘making’ and will investigate its significance for art education. Three urgent questions will be addressed:

• How can we teach students to become prosumers?
• What are the implications of digital culture for the experience of sensuousness? And for the artistic process of making and its outcome?
• How can we teach students to develop a critical position towards Culture 3.0? What could a critical art and design practice look like in Culture 3.0?

Robert Hewison (UK, 1943) - Creating the Creative Industries: the British experience and its challenges
Bas van Beek (NL, 1974) - The Multiple Personality Disorder of the Designer
Theo Ploeg (NL,1969) - Design(ing) (for) the New World
David Jablonowski (DE, 1982) - Stone Carving High Performance

RSVP before 13/3/2015: lectoraatktp@kabk.nl
Royal Academy of Art, Prinsessegracht 4, The Hague

For more information please visit: www.lectoraatktp.nl