Upcoming publication in cooperation with publisher Valiz

See it again, Say it again. The artist as researcher
Editor: Janneke Wesseling.
Publishing date: September 2011

The publication See it again, Say it again. The artist as researcher wants to position the phenomenon of artistic research in the realm of art practice and stimulate discussion about the subject. Even though research in the arts is being undertaken in many art disciplines, from theater to dance and music, this book focuses on the visual arts.
The particularity of artistic research, also referred to as ‘practice based research', is that practical undertaking (making) and theoretical reflection (thinking) go hand in hand. The former cannot function without the latter and vice versa, just as in artistic practice creating and reflecting are intrinsically connected.
The emphasis of this publication is on the perspective of the artist and the practice of art, with the majority of authors being visual artists. The contributions of the theorists focus on the practice of this type of research and of this type of artistry.
The book attempts to offer different leads for the advancement of the debate on the position of artistic research, both in the artistic field and at universities. It also aims to inspire artists, art students and teachers to critically reflect on their own practice, and, at the hand of examples from art practice, stimulate the self-awareness of the research practice.

The book will be published by Valiz, Amsterdam, in the Antennae series. This series is intended to pinpoint certain phenomena or new lines of thought in the arts and to explore them by means of essays. Antennae brings together these thematic lines and aims to offer points of refernece for further discussion or follow up research.